3 Foundations to Living Extraordinary

Congratulations!  You are one step closer to living an extraordinary life, with me.  There are 3 Areas to manage in order to live an extraordinary life.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot achieve an extraordinary life unless you commit to balancing and managing these 3 critical areas.

1.) Extraordinary You

2.) Extraordinary Lifestyle

3.) Extraordinary Relationships


Extraordinary YOU

IMGP9975Believe it or not, the first step in living an extraordinary life is to take care of YOURSELF!

For years, I tried to balance a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships while prioritizing everything above taking care of myself. I thought I was doing enough. I was trying to stay fit and attractive (mainly on the outside), but I was disregarding my health. Nobody really knew how much I was struggling. I was too concerned about everyone else around me to even pay attention to several chronic health issues that were wearing me down. It’s not just about exercising and diet. It’s about regarding your health, your physique, and your mind. When we choose to nourish and balance everything that affects our wellness, we are on our way to living an extraordinary life. Our relationships and lifestyle will also get better and better!

Extraordinary Lifestyle

RACHEL COOKINGAn extraordinary lifestyle means finding contentment in the life around you. No matter where you live, you can make your home or haven warm, cozy, and peaceful. Whether you get a paycheck or not, you can live a meaningful life and make a difference in the world. And, no matter how old you are, it is never to late to enjoy your hobby and interests. (Or learn something new!) Last but not least, giving to others and extending your hand to the needy will definitely make your life extraordinary!

Extraordinary Relationships

“Love your neighbor as yourself…” Mark 12: 31.   Notice how this verse does not say, “Love your neighbor less or more than yourself.”

IMGP6747God has blessed me with an amazing family and the most wonderful friends. I think that’s why I am a pretty good friend…and daughter…and sibling.

However, I struggled in romantic relationships, and I write about my story in some of my posts.   Thankfully, God has given me a second chance with marriage, and I have an extraordinary relationship with my husband, Scott.  (Extraordinary. Not Perfect.) Scott and I have both learned the real meaning of Agape (unconditional) love, and we are still learning every day!

Casual relationships such as those with coworkers, neighbors, or members of our church are also extremely important in living an extraordinary life. I learned over time to avoid toxic relationships, as I prefer to spend my time and energy on those that appreciate what I can offer.

If you truly desire to live an extraordinary life, evaluate your relationships. Eliminate those that are harmful, and give more of yourself to those that are worth their weight in gold.


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