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I’ve been referred to as the smartest airhead ever known. This oxymoronic title comes from the fact that there are some days my brain functions clearly and most effectively, while other days my brain feels half asleep. Imagine one day being able to write a dissertation on a familiar subject with ease while the next day struggling to pay attention …

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Living Half Healthy – Intro Post

I’ve added a new section to my blog, today, called Living Half Healthy.  From today forward, I will be posting occasional updates, articles, inspirations, and prayers for those of us who live with health issues.  This has been on my heart to do for a long time, now. While some of my personal health issues are fairly common, minor, acceptable, …

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IT’S A GIRL – The Conception of LE WOMAN

Within the last 36 months, I have invested more time in my female relationships than ordinary. I have visited 6 college friends that are literally scattered across the East Coast (From Rochester and Chicago to Orlando, Florida). I literally moved in with my beloved friend during the time of transition when I lost one job and acquired another. I coordinated …

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From Suffering to Gratitude – My Experience with Endometriosis & PMDD

(Warning:  I use the words Boobs and Period in this post.) When I was a young teenager, I was a girly-girl on the inside, but probably more like a tomboy on the outside. I loved girly things such as Barbies, dancing, and crafts. I also loved to play basketball, adventure in the woods, and ride motorized bikes. I had a …

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